In the remote areas, Hunan EEXI donated masks to the school to help resume school

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Starting from April 7th, all kinds of schools at all levels in our province have started one after another. In order to support students' daily life and re-entry needs, on the morning of April 26, Hunan EEXI Technology Service Co., Ltd., under the witness of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, held a donation of children's medical masks for elementary and middle school students at the front squal of the company. This charity event donated 1 million children's medical masks, including 300,000 in Changsha, 200,000 in Liuyang, and 500,000 in 13 other prefectures. It is understood that the donated masks are mainly used for children in remote areas.




Hunan EEXI Technology Service Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the production of baby diapers. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, with the support of the local government, it has obtained medical device production licenses and other qualifications, and transformed production into KF94, KN95, one-time Use medical masks and medical surgical masks. The company has a total investment of 150 million yuan, a total of 70 disposable medical mask equipment and 80 KN95 equipment. On February 27, the mask production line was officially put into production. From the initial daily production of only 100,000 pieces to the current daily output of 5 million pieces, it has become one of the largest mask production enterprises in Hunan Province. After full production, the daily output of flat masks will exceed 7 million, and the three-dimensional masks (KN95 and KF94) will exceed 4 million per day, which will solve more than 3,500 jobs for the society.




The person in charge of Hunan EEXI Technology Service Co., Ltd. stated that making this charity donation is an understanding of the difficulty in purchasing and raising anti-epidemic materials in the area where schools are located in remote areas. Donating masks to schools can effectively alleviate the shortage of masks in schools in remote areas, so that teachers and students can learn with peace of mind. "Since the epidemic, masks have been in short supply as an anti-epidemic substance. In addition to being sold domestically, our masks are also exported to countries such as Germany, the United States, and Spain. However, as private enterprises, if the enterprise grows and develops, it must have a responsibility. It is the social responsibility that an enterprise should perform. " The person in charge of Hunan EEXI Technology Service Co., Ltd. said. (Text / Tang Xiongying)

Created on:2020-05-19 17:56