About EEXI

Founded in 2018, Hunan EEXI Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wet baby diapers. The company covers a total area of 88,000 square meters and a construction area of 137,000 square meters. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, with the strong support of the local government, our company has obtained medical device production licenses and other qualifications, which have been converted into the production of KF94, KN95, disposable medical masks (non-sterile, sterile, including Children's type) and medical surgical masks (non-sterile and sterile). There will be 100 sets of disposable mask equipment (including two high-speed mask machines) and 150 sets of KN95 equipment. The daily output of flat masks exceeds 10 million pieces, and that of three-dimensional masks (KN95 and KF94) exceeds 6 million pieces per day.



ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System Certification



ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Certification



ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification



Our company also owns the export qualification of Chinese medical devices which can widely meet the needs of customs clearance and sales for overseas customers



These achievements also prove and continuously drive EEXI to for go ahead on the road of high standards and demanding products add happiness to the world with a a sense of responsibility to protect the life health and safety of all mankind



EEXI is keenly aware of the mission on its shoulder, as s striver with enthusiasm for life



We will as always bring win- win cooperation for our customers with quality speed and efficiency and bring joy to the whole world with our mission competence and commitment .





Hunan EEXI Technology&Service Co.,Ltd.



Our company’ s products have obtained multi-country qualification certifications including the European union “ CE certification”  



The United States ‘’FDA “ registration



KC supplier compliance mandatory requirements



Russia EAC exemption



Australia  ‘’ ARTG  registration certifications



BSCI social responsibility certification etc

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